AI Researcher, PhD level

Are you the AI Researcher everybody wants to have in their team?
Are you a brilliant mathematician passionate about the new perspectives offered by AI?
Do you hold a PhD (or a Masters) from a well-established university, and did you contribute to proven peer-reviewed publications?
Do you want to join what will be become the leading AI hub in Cyprus for the many years to come?
Do you wish your research to have a direct impact in the business world and be well-rewarded for it?

The role:
Our client is seeking to hire brilliant PhDs with strong mathematical and computer science backgrounds to join their team in Cyprus.
If you enjoy the scientific method, rapid prototyping, and creating innovative solutions, we want to hear from you.
Your focus will be on AI safety, generative AI, AGI, novel AI architectures, and cutting-edge algorithms. Candidates must have ideally 3 years of post-PhD experience and be original thinkers.


  • Must have a PhD (or at least a very solid Masters Degree) and strong mathematical background.
  • Physics background is a plus.
  • Ideally 3 years of Post-Doc research experience.
  • Needs to be able to show me novel AI models he or she has built.
  • Seeking an A+ AI Pure Researcher – someone who identifies as such, not as an AI Engineer.
  • The candidate should enjoy scientific method, prototyping, and creating innovative solutions in areas like AI safety, generative AI, novel architectures, and algorithms.
  • Although AGI is still very theoretical, the candidate must have a passion for the pursuit of AGI and be aware of what’s happening in the field, have ideas, etc.


  • Should have a strong track record of papers – he/she ‘ll be publishing more.
  • Must be comfortable filing patents related to AI/deep-tech innovations.


  • Must code for prototypes, algorithms, and data analysis, but not necessarily production-ready code.
  • They must know SOTA and explore new ways to model intelligence mathematically, reinvent neural networks, etc.


  • Able to express complex ideas with simplicity, challenge me, pitch and catch ideas, and dazzle listeners.
  • If we find more than one excellent candidate, we may hire two, and probably more later on.

Work framework + Benefits:

  • Work-from-home is possible, with daily Zoom meetings and ideally weekly in-person sessions in Limassol.
  • Would consider someone from Greece, Israel or the Middle East, as long as their English is excellent.
  • Would fly him/her over once a month for a few days.
  • Travel: Minimal, but possible 2-3 times a year to meet partners, present at events, etc.
  • Salary is negotiable, depending on the skills and experience – around 4-5,5K Eur gross monthly
  • + Bonuses that you will benefit from thanks to your constant partnerships and projects with leading companies.
  • This is an amazing opportunity !

Please send your CV now to:

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