Manual QA Engineer

Do you want to join a pioneering Fintech group at the vanguard of revolutionizing payment practices?
Are you the Manual QA Engineer everybody wants to have in their team?

As a Manual QA Engineer you will focus on thoroughly evaluating software to ensure it meets quality standards, identifying and reporting defects, and collaborating with the development team to deliver a reliable and user-friendly product.


Test Planning and Preparation:

o Collaborate with development teams and product managers to understand project requirements and functionalities.
o Participate in requirement analysis to ensure a clear understanding of the application’s behavior.
o Develop and document test plans, test cases, and test scripts based on requirements and design documents.

Test Execution:

o Execute manual test cases to validate software functionalities, features, and user interfaces.
o Identify and reproduce defects, issues, and anomalies within the application.
o Perform exploratory testing to uncover unexpected issues and behavior.
o Verify that defects reported in previous cycles have been addressed in new builds.

Regression Testing:

o Conduct regression testing to ensure that new code changes or updates do not negatively impact existing functionalities.
o Create and maintain a suite of regression test cases to cover the critical aspects of the application.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT):

o Collaborate with end-users and stakeholders to validate that the software meets the desired business requirements.
o Execute UAT scenarios and provide feedback on any discrepancies between actual behavior and expected behavior.

Functional Testing:

o Validate that the software’s functionalities work as intended and align with the documented requirements.
o Verify data integrity and accuracy within the application.

Compatibility Testing:

o Verify the application’s compatibility across different devices, browsers, and operating systems.
o Identify any rendering or functionality issues specific to certain environments.

Usability Testing:
o Evaluate the user interface for user-friendliness, ease of navigation, and overall user experience.
o Identify and report any usability issues that could affect user satisfaction.

Performance Testing:

o Conduct basic performance tests to ensure the software’s responsiveness and stability under normal conditions.
o Report any performance-related issues or bottlenecks.

Requirements :

Minimum 1 year of experience as a manual QA
Strong understanding of QA principles and methodologies.
Proficient in test case design, execution, and defect tracking.
Effective communication and collaboration skills.
Knowledge of Agile/Scrum practices and regression testing.
Attention to detail and the ability to work in diverse test environments.


Competitive salary package, from 2000 to 2500 Eur gross / monthly
Brand-new, spacious office located in Paphos, Cyprus.
Access to an on-site gym for your fitness needs.
Well-stocked kitchen offering a variety of snacks, beverages, and fresh fruits.
Youthful and dynamic work environment.
Team-building activities and cheerful happy hours.
Continuous growth and career development.

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