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While job-hopping is “more acceptable than ever” now, a job switch under a year of tenure is still “too quick,” said Amy Zimmerman, the chief people officer of Relay Payments.

“It sends quite a few negative signals. Number one, you lack commitment. Number two, you lack perseverance. It tells me that if the going gets tough, you get going.”

Zimmerman said the so-called sweet spot for switching jobs is every two to three years, as it allows job candidates to show they can “make a commitment and honor it.”

A minimum of 18 months at a job is acceptable, but it will be “wonderful” if a tenure lasts between three and five years, said Randstad’s Managing Director for Singapore and Malaysia Jaya Dass.

Speaking to many clients in #Cyprus about the #jobhopper topic, this is one of the top reasons as to why a candidate doesn’t make it to the interview process. 

What do you think to the job hopping CV? Do you give the job hopper the opportunity to interview to explain the reasons behind their frequent moves?
Do you reject the CV outright? 

Our poll carried out on LinkedIn gave the following results: 

58% Yes to interviewing the applicant.

10%  No to rejecting the applicant outright

31%  Maybe


“We should always keep an open mind and give the candidate the chance to explain. Having in mind the Cyprus work landscape of certain industries, it might even mean that the candidate had the foresight to jump ship sooner rather than later!”

“ALWAYS interview, and if impressed ALWAYS hire, most of the times it’s the companies that are the problem and not the employees. 

Of course I appreciate that this all depends on the business/industry, but there are industries that used to have policies of every six months to refresh the staff, the main entrance was a revolving door. In fact, when I was being interviewed I would ask the HR manager/interviewer “what is your staff retention rate” , you’d be shocked with some of the replies I heard. 

Bottom line, everyone deserves the chance to explain and impress, so yes ALWAYS interview.”

“…to me a lot depends on the reasons this job hopping happened

unfortunately many people to live need to work … it might be they are inclined/obliged to accept an “unperfect” job (something they don´t like, not in line with their expertise, not paid as it should), they should not be penalized if they opt for a better job (maybe just a bit less “unperfect”) as soon as they have a chance.”

“If it happens once or twice then I think most hiring managers would give the benefit of the doubt and proceed with an interview. The issue is if it happens too often, it raises serious red flags for employers and recruiters alike. For me it also raises the questions as to whether the job seeker has bad judgment or have different motivations for job hopping (hiking their salaries) or are they failing in their chosen jobs. A great question for a poll Donna Stephenson! I am interested to see the results.”

“Generally I see it as a bad sign, however if they jumped of the dodgy scam companies rather sooner than later I actually perceive it as a good sign.”

Article link: What hiring managers think of job hopping.

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