How to Write Better Job Adverts to Attract Top Candidates

Creating a job advert might sound easy, but it’s often a challenging task even for some of the most experienced recruiters. This is why some people perhaps too often run with generic job adverts, revisiting, or reworking already existing job descriptions to form their job ads.  But generic job adverts or job descriptions posing as […]

Hiring Trends for 2023

The job market is continuously changing, and 2023 is predicted to bring new trends and changes in how companies approach recruiting. Here are some of the important recruiting trends for 2023:  Finally, the year 2023 promises to offer new challenges and opportunities to the job market. Some important hiring trends that will affect the job […]

Our view, salary transparency

Salary transparency aims to ensure equity if every job applicant can start negotiating under the same expectations. It involves the disclosure of salary information among employees, allowing them to understand how their salary compares with those of their peers. Proponents of salary transparency argue that it is a way to promote pay equity, reduce wage […]

Salary transparency and why it is so crucial in your recruitment strategy

The case for salary transparency and why it is so crucial in your recruitment strategy. In recent years, the push for pay transparency has only grown with candidates demanding salary disclosures in job ads and descriptions.  Without salary information, many candidates are reluctant to begin the recruitment process. A recent study published by Adzuna has shown that 28% […]

How to develop your recruitment process in a candidate driven market

In today’s job market employers struggle to fill vacancies due to a talent shortage – meaning that strong candidates receive multiple job offers, and current employers are trying to offer them more in order to stay with them. Salary is an important but only essential factor for candidates. Candidates have plenty of choices when it […]