Problem: not receiving enough quality applications for your Cyprus job adverts?

Problem: not receiving enough quality applications for your #Cyprus job adverts? 

The #research: Four in five jobseekers say they are less likely to apply for a job if the advert doesn’t specify a salary, research has revealed, leading to calls for better transparency over pay during the recruitment process.

The #poll, conducted by the UK recruitment site Reed, found that 78 per cent of people looking for a job would be put off applying if the salary was not displayed.

We think there are valid points for and against displaying the salary in your #jobadverts. What do you think? 

If you do think advertising the #salary is a good option for you, below are some things to consider: 

Research the market to be competitive. 
People leaving positions are probably receiving a 10-15% increase in their salary elsewhere. Basing your budget on the salary of the person that left may not attract the right profile candidate. 
If you don’t have the budget to increase your range, re-address the profile of the candidate you’re seeking. Can you reduce the expectation on the experience required and provide training and development to achieve what you require?
Don’t forget to list all the benefits that you offer alongside all the reasons why someone would love to work within your organisation. 


The team at Emerald Zebra – Tech & Finance Jobs, Cyprus can support you with the candidate attraction process. We can provide you with each interested candidate’s current salary and #salaryexpectation to give you an indication of where you need to be pitching your range in accordance with the profile you’re seeking. 

We can support you with a supply of #screened candidates, providing you with a short list of low, mid and high end ranges of candidates for you to decide the appropriate fit to determine your #budget

Arrange a call with me to discuss your #hiring needs at

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