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Hire your next tech team member in Cyprus with the Emerald Zebra team’s support across the following areas of expertise:

❇️ Back end
* Java
* Python
* Go
* C++
* .NET
* Django
* Ruby on Rails
* Rust
* Solidity

❇️ Front end
* React Native
* React.js
* Angular
* Flutter
* Vue
* Swift
* Kotlin
* JavaScript

❇️ Full stack
* Node.js & React.js
* .NET
* Solution Architecture
* Low-code
* No-code

❇️ Data
* Data Engineering
* Machine Learning
* Data analytics (Power BI, Tableau, Looker)

❇️ Enterprise tech
* Technical & Functional consultants for SAP & Salesforce
Dev Support
* QA Automation
* DevOps
* L2 & L3 Tech Support

❇️ Infrastructure
* Infrastructure Engineering
* Network Engineering
* Cyber Security

❇️ Other tech roles
* UX & Product Design
* Business Analysis
* Agile / Scrum roles
* Project Management
* Mobile App Developer
* AI/ML Research, Developer

❇️ Business operations
* Sales
* Customer Service
* Virtual Assistance
* Accounting, Finance, Tax
* Human Resources
* Marketing
* Leadership

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