How we Earned our Stripes, Emerald Zebra jobs in Cyprus

Emerald Zebra is a recruitment business driven by community. We don’t just advertise vacancies, receive CV’s, trawl through a few of the most promising and hope that one of those candidates will fit the bill. We work on recommendation, networking and our own informed history about people’s backgrounds and experience.

Since the late 1920’s there has been an intriguing theory, set out by Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy, known as ‘six degrees of separation’. Karinthy proposed that any two individuals on the planet could be connected through at most five acquaintances. This concept is becoming ever closer to reality via our shrinking world, as technology and social media remove the distance between us all. But in Cyprus, the FinTech community and jobs market is rapidly becoming ever more close-knit than that. Personal connections are about people’s known quantities and qualities; therefore our success comes from identifying which of those people work best with each other.

In recruitment and business networking terms, everyone in Europe nowadays is probably only three degrees of separation away from anyone else; so at EZ we find the right connections, carefully matching people with organizations and potential colleagues. Consequently, we thrive on referrals based on trust and respect. Our job applicants are more likely to be introduced to the EZ team through word of mouth than through adverts on the web.

So, if you are actively hunting or even passively ‘just looking’ for that next career opportunity, or you know someone within your network who is, we want to hear from you. It’s a win-win when the community can help by referring each other. In return, the EZ team can help potential candidates to aspire and achieve the jobs that may make all the difference to the quality of their work life balance. 

Reduce those six degrees today and join the EZ community by sending us your CV or suggest a friend or colleague!  Either way, this is how we help our clients to recruit outstanding people and help them in turn to achieve new heights in their careers. 

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