Brand new Finance and Tech recruitment specialist Emerald Zebra opens for business in Cyprus.

Brand new Finance and Tech recruitment specialist Emerald Zebra opens for business in Cyprus.

The renowned leading recruitment industry executive Donna Stephenson has very recently opened a recruitment business based in Limassol – Emerald Zebra. The company exists to service the financial and technology jobs market across Cyprus and beyond. Its inception is in response to the ongoing attraction and facilitation of foreign direct investment in key economic areas in Cyprus, as well as the promotion of Cyprus as a world class investment destination.

The rationale behind EZ’s formation was simple; opportunities for roles in Cyprus in the financial, technological and fiscal outsourced services sector are growing exponentially month on month. Cyprus itself has become the destination of choice for many large corporations that have opened satellite offices or European Headquarters. Recent cases in point are Fintech solutions provider Murex, leading Broker Exness and Fund Management RegTech operation IQEQ. These organisations have publicly stated that the infrastructure, educated population and not least fantastic climate makes Cyprus the ideal location to base their enterprises.

Miss Stephenson is a highly experienced recruitment and human resources-centric executive, with a 20 year career to date in Cyprus, Malta and the UK.  She established and managed a market leading recruitment, HR and payroll consultancy group for 13 years, the largest in Cyprus, for which as founder, she was at the forefront of several businesses within the group. Miss Stephenson has lived in Limassol almost permanently for the last 18 years and has assisted the careers of thousands of local and expat individuals over this time as well as providing career opportunities in Cyprus to Cypriot families overseas, facilitating their repatriation or relocation.

EZ is Donna’s seventh successful operation to date. She said:

“Everyone asks me why I chose the unusual name of the company.  It’s really simple, my favourite colour is emerald green and after a safari trip to Africa observing herds of zebras, the inspiration for the name of the company was conceived.  Not least, EZ is about recruiting outstanding people, and what creature would stand out more than an emerald zebra in a herd!  I chose a memorable name because EZ is going to be a memorable company, and I intend to grow this one in response to the Finance and Technology sector’s current ever burgeoning need for talented people.

Whether you are an employee looking for a new challenge, or a recruiter looking for that exceptional person, the team at Emerald Zebra are looking forward to being of service: The EZ team: Donna Stephenson, Terri Neofitou, Demetris Georgiou, Thorbjorn Bengtson, Sandra Leveratto and Katy Savvides.  

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