I’m looking at your job advert – but what’s in it for me?

During times of high unemployment, it was extremely easy for organisations to have the pick of the crop of candidates for any position they might advertise. Candidates would simply see a salary, look at the job description, then think ‘is it a good salary for my skills?’ If the answer was yes, they would click […]

The Cypriot Brain Gain is Happening Right Now!

Technology and Finance sector jobs in Cyprus are fast becoming highly desired positions as Cyprus advances towards its status as a major strategic HQ location for international corporations. Cyprus has an advantageous geographical location and a beneficial regulatory framework, which offer strong incentives for employees and enterprises alike. International influencers in the Fintech and technology sectors are […]

Our view, asynchronous video interviews as a recruiting tool

Tell me about your proudest achievement…This is one of the most common clichés of interview questions encountered by candidates for jobs. But imagine being asked that question by a robot avatar, the interview recorded by a webcam and your fate being in the hands of some faceless Artificial Intelligence algorithm. If you didn’t feel that […]

Remote and Hybrid Working – The Best of Both Worlds

Remote working is nothing new.  People in have had the ability to work from home (WFH) for decades. But it’s only recently, since the COVID-19 pandemic, that the WFH phenomenon has become commonplace. Nowadays many employees can spend almost every working day out of the office, as opposed to only a couple of years ago […]


I had the pleasure of attending THE 9TH NEXTGEN PAYMENTS & REGTECH FORUM 2021. Yesterday, Cyprus day 2 highlights for me were:  Keynote by Dr.Justine Scerri Herrera, Partner at MK Fintech Partners Ltd Are Stablecoins the Future? Can the Burning Growing Interest of Regulators Disrupt this Space?’ Advantages of stablecoins and Defi (non custodial wallets, interest bearing, no counter party risk, instant […]