How to Write Better Job Adverts to Attract Top Candidates

Creating a job advert might sound easy, but it’s often a challenging task even for some of the most experienced recruiters.

This is why some people perhaps too often run with generic job adverts, revisiting, or reworking already existing job descriptions to form their job ads. 

But generic job adverts or job descriptions posing as job adverts will unmistakably result in a loss of potential candidates. And there is a big difference between the two – the job description, for example, is a list of duties and responsibilities. The job advert; however, is your attraction tool and displays what your company does, how it does it, what the person will do, how they will contribute to the bigger picture, why they should apply, the benefits, work arrangement, salary range, development opportunities and what skills and experience are sought!

If your job advert isn’t well-thought, it could be a reason why your hiring process isn’t going as well as planned. The job advert is the first step in attracting the best candidates and their first impression of the role and company overall. Keep in mind that those first impressions are often lasting ones and there are a number of factors that can influence someone’s decision to apply to a job advert. 

So, how and what do you need to ensure your job adverts present that excellent first impression where the person scrolling stops and reads?

1) Display a relevant job title (obvious, of course!)

Candidates know exactly what they’re looking for when job hunting and the first thing they notice while scrolling through job posts is the title. If it doesn’t match their search intent, they’ll just keep scrolling.

Before you think it looks professional and select a fancy job title, ask yourself and the hiring manager(s) whether it’s truly reflective of the audience that you want to attract. Make sure it’s something clear, simple, and directly relevant to them. Include the location too. 

2) Include the Salary Range

Let’s be real; salary is the first thing job seekers want to know. 
Include salary details or salary ranges in the job advert to help job seekers understand the expected salary range for the position and to ensure salary transparency as well as reduce the chances of any discrepancies in pay between men and women.

3) Highlight the benefits of the position

Job seekers are most definitely interested in the company’s benefits, and we encourage you to focus on the benefits of the position early in the job advert. In this way, you will retain the job seeker’s attention and will hopefully boost the flow of applications. 
And if the reward management structure ensures strategies for providing bonuses to all employees in a fair and consistent way, they should also be included.
It should also state any flexible working arrangements, as well as the potential for career development and what that may mean for the job applicant once hired.

4) Summarise the Day-to-Day Responsibilities from the job description.

Once past the title, salary range, and benefits, an interested candidate wants to get familiar with their future responsibilities. 

You don’t need to explain everything in detail with long bullet point lists but be sure to include an overview of their day-to-day responsibilities as this makes it easier for candidates to understand what they’re applying for if it is relevant and to know what to expect in advance.

5) List the Necessary Experience

Explain precisely what requirements are needed to be successful in this role, and be clear and concise. Job adverts can often be written using complicated language or jargon, which can make them difficult to understand. Job adverts can sometimes be overly specific presenting a whole wish list of what the perfect applicant should have experience of. 

Yet doesn’t this potentially distract job applicants from applying and thereby exclude potential candidates who may still be suitable for the role, especially within a corporate culture that is supportive and offers a learning and development environment?

6) Try Creating Urgency

Create urgency, and keep the recruiting process to the minimum number of interview/testing rounds. Let the job applicant know what the process is. The quicker the process, the more urgency this creates. Job applicants are put off by rounds and rounds of interviews stretched over weeks or months. If you’re ready to hire, create urgency. Let the potential applicant know that there are two rounds of interviews and that the 1st interviews will commence on x date.

7) Include positive elements about the company

Every company has its advantages and unique DNA, so when it comes to the job advert, make sure you mention yours.

While it may seem obvious or thought that it isn’t a priority for candidates, it could be a big plus to attracting top talent by stating the company’s DNA – the essence of who the company is and how it operates, its a mission, core values, ethos, and brand identity. Recent studies have indeed shown a greater interest from applicants looking for employers who value work-life balance, diversity, and inclusion. They are looking for flexible working arrangements, such as remote working, and opportunities for career growth and development. Job seekers are increasingly concerned with ethical and environmental issues and seek out employers who share their values. 

Emphasise these aspects of your corporate culture that set you apart. 
In conclusion, your job advert plays a crucial role in attracting top talents.

It takes time and practice, but an improved job advert will make your life easier, and you will be able to attract the candidates that you are aiming for.

At Emerald Zebra, we are always here not only to help you find the best candidates but also to assist you in all your recruitment strategies.

Feel free to contact us anytime.

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