How to develop your recruitment process in a candidate driven market

In today’s job market employers struggle to fill vacancies due to a talent shortage – meaning that strong candidates receive multiple job offers, and current employers are trying to offer them more in order to stay with them. Salary is an important but only essential factor for candidates.

Candidates have plenty of choices when it comes to where they want to work. With so many options available to job seekers, it’s important for companies to step up their game in order to attract the best talent and keep their current employees.

A top-notch candidate experience can help you engage more job seekers, and make your top-choice candidate more likely to accept your job offer. Moreover, will improve your employee experience and will keep your current employees happy, motivated and engaged. 

Below you can find a list of some ideas and actions to improve and develop the candidate experience in your organization:

  • Evaluate your current and future workforce needs.

            – What do you need?
            – What kind of future projects will have?
            – What kind of skills you will need?
            – What kind of skills your current employees have and how you can involve them in the new projects?

  • Salaries and benefits

            – Is your salary above the average in the market?
            – What kind of benefits do your competitors provide and what you can offer?

If you want to stay competitive then you need to rethink the whole package and the perks you offer to your employees.

  • Consider the value of remote/ flexible work, paid professional and personal development programs, daycare, etc.
  • Hire Internally. Review the CVs of your current employees and build a reskilling educational plan for them. 
  • Review and rewrite your job descriptions. The involvement of your current employees is essential as they will give actual information about the actual day-to-day routine of the team. 
  • Online Visibility and employer branding. It’s important to have an online visibility of your Organization in order to be able to sell your company to potential candidates focusing on your company culture, the benefits you offer and the opportunities for growth and development. Candidates should feel like they would be joining a team that they can believe in and that will help them reach their full potential. 
  • Be honest and transparent with candidates. Avoid overselling the Company or over-promising. 
  • Provide feedback. Keep candidates informed about the status of their job applications and give constructive feedback. Constructive feedback will assist their own personal development and improve their interview skills. At the end of the day, candidates will remember you as Hiring Manager or Recruiter as you helped them develop while they were looking for a new job opportunity. 
  • Interview skills. Train your Hiring Managers in the interview process. Candidates in interviews are expected to have a conversation instead of an interrogation. 
  • Ask your current employees to give ideas and suggestions. Involving them in this process makes them feel that they are a part of your organization and that their ideas matter.

In conclusion, taking some actions to safeguard your company from the possibility of a severe talent shortage will save you money and time. By taking proactive steps, you will avoid the potential consequences of a talent shortage or any talent challenges. 

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