Why your CV is your career highlight reel!

Think of your CV as a snapshot video of your career, where you must highlight the best moments, the peaks!

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a dinner networking event and sat opposite a gentleman from Ireland, he began telling me about his career and how he had started in junior roles, followed by Head of Operations and moved to a Head of Sales role and eventually to Managing Director. It was such an interesting conversation, as with each role he told me the value and what he had learned that helps him run the business today and understand his teams.

It was a great precise conversation, not too long that really grasped my interest and I couldn’t help but think(as a recruiter) that I wish everyone’s CV could be similar to this conversation.

There have been several references to how long or rather limited time your CV has in a recruiter or hiring managers review time , hence why many have reformatted their CV and made it shorter, more colorful, and sometimes with images and so on, in an attempt to draw attention.

Whilst a shorter CV is easier to access, its success is only determined by its essence. I personally want the CV to include the highlights similar to an interesting conversation, with the key roles and a description of what each role involved in short points and not a copied Job description. Further any achievements in each role and an opening summary comment at the top of the CV, with what the candidate is interested in career wise, top skills and what roles they feel they can excel in and want!

When using a boutique recruitment agency like Emerald Zebra our approach goes beyond conventional screening. In addition to our standard evaluation process, we tailor our inquiries to align with the specific requirements of the role for which you are applying. These questions are an integral part of the information we present to our client once you have successfully advanced through our shortlisting process.

If you haven’t already submitted your CV to us, I extend an invitation to do so. Our services cater to individuals who are actively seeking career advancement as well as those who may be more passively considering opportunities for professional growth.

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