Emerald Zebra: Why We Excel Over LinkedIn for Hiring

Emerald Zebra: Why We Excel Over LinkedIn for Hiring

1. Clarity Amid the Noise:

LinkedIn can sometimes feel like a jumbled mix of job listings and profiles, resembling a professional networking platform intertwined with the features of Facebook. This can complicate the process of finding the perfect match. At Emerald Zebra, our focus when it comes to recruiting within the fintech, tech, finance, and igaming sectors, our primary goal is to provide highly relevant matches. We achieve this by leveraging our unique blend of skills, technology, expertise, and extensive networks. While we also utilise LinkedIn, our professional approach sets us apart, making it more effective for us to connect with candidates on your behalf.


2. A Personal Connection:

LinkedIn, for all its strengths, can sometimes lack a personal touch. We embrace technology, but we never forget the importance of the human element. Our expertise in various industries allows us to truly understand the needs of both clients and candidates, blending tech with personal insight and personal communications for optimal results.

3. Insightful Locality:

LinkedIn’s global reach may not suit your need for ‘local to Cyprus’ or EU candidates, resulting in volumes of unnecessary applicants to sift through and screen. We have a growing prescreened local talent pool and a broad reach for screened, serious relocators. Our advice is insightful, especially for those new to Cyprus, giving us a competitive edge.

4. Quality First:

In our approach, quality consistently prevails over quantity. We collaborate closely with hiring managers, engaging in insightful conversations to fully understand job listings. This allows us to fine-tune our candidate screening process, ensuring a best fit match for your specific needs and company fit.

5. Discreet, Comprehensive Support:

While LinkedIn is geared towards networking, it’s not always discreet. We offer confidential, end-to-end recruitment solutions, maintaining a professional, discreet, and ethical approach throughout. This is particularly significant when it comes to cold outreach to candidates through our service, as opposed to direct communication through LinkedIn messaging. 

6. Personal Guidance:

Why do it yourself? No need to sift through volumes when you have immediate access to quality.

Tech-Savvy Expertise: We use the latest recruitment tech, streamlining the hiring process for faster and smoother results.

Invaluable Insights: Benefit from our industry knowledge, tips, and trend-sharing to stay well-informed.

Transparent Pricing: Our pricing is straightforward, ensuring complete clarity about what you’re paying for, plus even more attractive pricing proposals for volume hiring. 

7. Enduring Partnerships:

We’re not just about transactions; we’re about building lasting relationships and supporting your headcount growth. 

Did we mention? Our service operates on a success fee basis. You pay only when you’ve successfully hired!

And here’s a bonus: We advertise all our client’s vacancies on LinkedIn for free, so you can cross that off your to-do list.

Emerald Zebra isn’t just another option; it’s a better choice. We understand LinkedIn’s limitations and believe our services offer a smarter, more efficient hiring experience.

Ready to elevate your hiring strategy in Cyprus? Contact Donna Stephenson, Founder, Emerald Zebra Team at donna.stephenson@emeraldzebra.cy

We’re here to make your hiring process a whole lot better.

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