The team at Emerald Zebra – Tech & Finance, Cyprus Recruitment, attended the Cyprus IT Forum.

The team at Emerald Zebra – Tech & Finance, Cyprus Recruitment, attended the #CyprusITForum. An interesting opening panel discussion on ‘Achieving global competitiveness to attract companies and talents’ included Theodoros Loukaidis, Director General Research and Innovation Foundation Antonis Polemitis, CEO, University of Nicosia, George Dokuchaev (Gavashelishvili), Director, Prime Property Group, George Campanellas, CEO, Invest Cyprus and Niki Ioannou, Cyta’s Head of New Services Development.

“We need more local integration between academia and the private sector,”
“Most of what we do ends up outside of Cyprus,” “A technology student doesn’t think there is a direct link to completing studies and remaining in Cyprus.” Antonis Polemitis, University of Nicosia  

Antonis Polemitis shared his views that Cyprus is still too centred around traditional professions such as accounting and degrees leading to public sector positions, rather than technology degrees. “We need to build people in the tech field as that’s where the job creation is heading over the next 30/40 years.” 

He added that only a small percentage of local talent is enrolling on technology degrees. 

Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Deputy Minister Kyriakos Kokkinos opening speech was delivered by Chief Scientist Dr Nikolas Mastroyiannopoulos 

“Very, very soon we will announce specific interventions in our regulatory taxation and immigration policies, incentives directed to both corporate and individuals, measures to enhance digital fitness across industry and society and tools to facilitate access to funding, encourage R&D activity, advance digital transformation of businesses and promote the development of new ventures,” he said.

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