Success in Hiring Tech and IT Jobs with Emerald Zebra Recruitment and Consulting in Cyprus

Emerald Zebra is your go-to team for recruitment and consulting services in Cyprus. We don’t just find people for your company; we match your vision with a talent pool that fits your company’s vibe.

Defining Your Ideal Persona for Tech Jobs in Cyprus:

We kick things off by working together to figure out who’d be perfect for your tech and IT jobs vacancies in Cyprus. We dive into your company culture, pinpoint where the best candidates might be, and identify the skills that align with your goals. Surprisingly, 90% of our successful hires in Cyprus come from personal connections, not traditional job boards.

First-Round Interviews: More than Technical Skills for IT Jobs:

Before we get into techie details, we focus on values in our initial interviews for IT jobs in Cyprus. It’s not just about technical skills; we want candidates who align with your company’s values and ethos.

Diligent Candidate Vetting for Tech Jobs in Cyprus:

Our commitment to excellence shows in the careful vetting of each candidate, specifically tailored for tech jobs in Cyprus. We go the extra mile to present you with the best candidates, saving your time and ensuring top-tier selections.

Cost-Effective Recruitment Solutions:

Understanding the financial side of things for jobs in Cyprus, we keep it straightforward. It’s a flat 10% rate for salaries up to €50,000 and 15% for higher salaries. And if you’re hiring in volume, we adjust the percentages. Plus, a guarantee, offering a free replacement or refund*.

Specialization in Key Sectors and IT Jobs:

We specialize in hiring for the Fintech, tech, finance, and igaming sectors in Cyprus. Our team of experts covers all areas, ensuring a tailored approach to every recruitment challenge in the Cyprus job market.

Nurturing Growth with A-Players in Tech Jobs:

For startups and growing organizations, finding the right people is crucial. Our specialized approach focuses on building a culture of success by identifying the right candidates for your tech jobs, either candidates located in Cyprus or serious relocations. 

Thoughtful Candidate Interaction:

Our success is built on thoughtful candidate interaction. We skip the job board spam and rely on research, targeted outreach, and tapping into our networks to find the best talent or passive and active candidates.

The Interview: Beyond Technical Proficiency in IT Jobs:

Our interview process goes beyond technical skills. We focus on excellence, ethics, and values. After each interview, you get a detailed report for transparent communication and informed decision-making. Including the candidate’s motivations and salary expectations. 

We take a practical approach. We understand there’s no perfect candidate, but we offer a commitment to excellence, a customized strategy, and a guarantee to find the right people for your tech and IT jobs in Cyprus.

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