New Brand Identity for Emerald Zebra Recruitment

#talent is like a gemstone: it takes a master jeweller to cut the glory to let it shine and place it in the best suitable setting.

This is precisely what we do at Emerald Zebra. We help outstanding people to match with notable employers. 

It has been a fantastic year for Emerald Zebra – Tech, FinTech & Finance Jobs in Cyprus. We have grown from a start-up recruiter to a well-established market leader in our niche.

We needed a new #brandidentity to match our growing team and represent our #philosophy

Together with Irina Vikulina and Altra MKTG, we have redefined our core identity elements and are now ready to reveal the #newlogo and brand image.

We aim to offer an even better client #experienceand interaction with our brand. 

Stay tuned to see where we are heading!

#team EZ: Donna StephensonTerri NeofitouGeorgia MichaelidesSam MacaronMarie Pavlou (MSc – ACyHRMA- ABNLP)Katy Savvides, Neovi Lenou 

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Donna Stephenson, Founder, CEO Emerald Zebra

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