Mental Health at Work 2021

#worldmentalhealthday2021: Mental ill health can range from anxiety and depression, the most common conditions, to severe conditions such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and may lead to substance abuse. 

With regards to substance abuse, costs to a business may be both direct and indirect. 

The impact of substance use that have been reported include:

  • safety (fatalities, incidents, etc.)
  • absenteeism/sick leave/turnover
  • loss of production, and
  • workplace violence and harassment.

Additional costs can include:

  • tardiness/sleeping on the job
  • theft
  • poor decision making
  • loss of efficiency
  • lower morale and physical well-being of worker and co-workers
  • increased likelihood of having trouble with co-workers/supervisors 
  • training of new employees
  • disciplinary procedures
  • cost of legal action
  • drug testing programs
  • medical/rehabilitation/employee assistance programs

Today’s wellness at work policies must recognise substance use as a major cause for concern in order to take the appropriate steps. Such policies can cover substance use issues, or an overall approach, such as impairment in the workplace. 

The main point is that workplaces must be encouraged to establish a procedure or policy so that help can be provided in a professional and consistent manner. 

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