I work on the go. That means I often work in my car

I work on the go. That means I often work in my car! I juggle my kids’ schedules in addition to my own, often a Mom Taxi for my kids for the school run, dance and football activities. Quite often I get time in between pick-ups, drop-offs, activities and in between meetings to make calls, screen candidates, read CVs, write job adverts and post to our LinkedIn page – Emerald Zebra – Tech & Finance Jobs, Cyprus all from the car, making the car the perfect temporary office! 

While driving, taxiing my kids and spending time in traffic can take a toll on a productive workday, if I make the most of those moments in between I can relax at home when I get there!

At EZ we’re big fans of remote and flexible work. We allow all our recruiter employees to set their own hours and choose their ideal workspace. In fact, 5 out of our 6 strong team are working moms and they’re doing this too! 

My tips for on the move working: 

❇️Keep a to-do list handy on your phone or use a task management app to manage your to-do lists. 

❇️Fully charge up your laptop and phone so it’s ready to be mobile with you at any time. 

❇️Keep a charger in your car. 

❇️Keep a change of clothes in the car, (business and casual and a change of footwear). 

❇️Hotspot from your phone via your laptop (Just be sure your monthly data plan on your mobile is robust enough to sustain your usage) or work offline ready to hit send when you arrive home. 

❇️ Keep a notebook and pen (one that works!) in the car.

❇️ Keep a bottle of water or two handy. 

❇️ Listen to a podcast or relaxing meditation music to relax whilst stationary or on the move. I listen to the podcast ‘Under the skin’ with Russell Brand or listen to a chakra balancing meditation or specifically a Tibetan bowls sound bath. 

❇️ Have a power nap – move to the backseat, put up the window shades and 

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