How to make your CV attractive to human recruiters and bots!

My tips: How to make your #CV attractive to human recruiters and bots! 

✅ Make sure your CV, cover letter, and application match the job description. Do not underestimate the importance of #keywords, that could mean using the same or similar phrasing, even if it may not match the usual way that your text flows. 

CV’s are scanned much more than they are read from top to bottom these days and, for the pros and cons of AI in the hiring process, most recruiter software uses AI . Key words and phrases are therefore good if your CV is being read by a robot! 

✅ If you don’t meet all the criteria specified in the JD, that’s ok. Expressing what you have the #potential to do is important. #Professionalgrowth and #personaldevelopment are at the core of most employers’ #culture today. If you possess the #aptitude and #attitude to learn, employers can provide the necessary #learninganddevelopment to enhance and align your skills with the job role. 

✅ Hiring potential is very attractive to employers. Ensure that your #coverletter mentions the positive fit from your experience and also mentions any experience that can be a foundation of which to build upon. However, refrain from applying for a job you’re unlikely to get and instead, send a speculative application if the company interests you.

✅ Scan #LinkedIn to see what skills and certifications people in the job you want have. Make sure you list them if you have them, or acquire them if you don’t. Speak to people in your #network that are holding similar jobs to gain a valuable insight into the job responsibilities and challenges. 

✅ Don’t leave unexplained gaps. If you took a year off, say so. If your degree took longer than the usual time to achieve, say so and explain why. Otherwise, it will be assumed that you were doing nothing at all, and your application maybe rejected. That goes for #jobhopping too (i.e. jobs held for less than a year at a time), perhaps a short term contract, a company closure or simply an unsuitable employment. State so.

#Jobdescriptions and their requirements have certainly grown in length and some are beyond people’s ability to actually meet them. At Emerald Zebra – Tech, FinTech & Finance Jobs, Cyprus recruitment agency, our team helps to connect talent with businesses across Cyprus. Our screenings are human, with a little help from AI to match you in our CRM. Plus we’re always highlighting the potential of applicants to our clientele.

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