Emerald Zebra: 8 Ways to find a job in Cyprus

At Emerald Zebra, we are always here to help you find your next career move in the tech, fintech and finance sectors in Cyprus. Here are some tips and useful strategies to keep your job search moving forward.

1.  Network building
Also known as the “hidden job market”, many of the finest jobs are never published! They are filled by applicants who learn about them through word-of-mouth from friends, former coworkers, and ex-bosses.

Networking, both in person and online, is one of the best ways to stay up to date with events in your profession, including where and what positions are available. Interacting through professional associations, attending industry events or events for recent graduates, and taking advantage of any chance where you will be able to meet up and network with people and professionals who work in your sector.

Adding friends of friends in various online services like LinkedIn, you can expand the size of your network, and it is more likely that you will learn about new opportunities on a broader spectrum.

2. Referrals
Some companies offer rewards (in most cases bonus) to their employees when they refer a capable applicant to work for the company.

Even if it doesn’t happen very often, there’s nothing stopping you from asking a reliable friend who works in your field to alert you if any positions open. Your professional contacts could open new doors for you in the future.

3. Websites for careers and job boards
Identify the best job boards or recruitment agencies in your career sector, for example, Emerald Zebra have the widest selection of jobs in the finance, tech and fintech sectors. Their website’s career page is a searchable jobs page where you can search, browse and apply for jobs in Cyprus or upload your CV and register for job alerts.

For people who are just getting started, an internship or a volunteer position can help them break into the field. Identify the companies that you would like to work for and check with your University/College to see if there is a cooperation between the two for internships, alternatively apply directly to the company’s HR specifying why you are looking for an internship, how the internship will help you and what you can offer.

4. Career Fairs
Although some employment or recruiting fairs are more specialized, job fairs often “promote” specific industries, where all the promo materials feature a list of the organizations represented.

Look for companies that interest you, take your resumes and business cards along, and get ready to make a pitch. Any contacts with recruiters ought to be thought of as mini-interviews that can set you apart from the crowd. On some occasions, companies may even give on-site interviews to candidates who fulfill their qualifications.

5. Cold calls

If you can’t find any job advertising for the company that really interests you, think about making a cold call. Contact the people by phone or email about any openings and provide a copy of your resume.

6. Recruiters

If you’re looking for professional help when it comes to searching for a job in Cyprus, have a look at recruitment agencies. Many companies work with recruitment agencies to fill job openings in an effort to speed up and broaden the hiring process.

Keep in mind that many high schools and colleges have job placement services that can assist recent graduates with creating their resumes and providing current students and alumni with assistance with their job searches.

7. Internships or Temping
Temporary employment and short-term contracts frequently lead to long-term employment. It’s a great way to network, or it will at the very least introduce you to useful business contacts that you can use in the future.

Internships are a good alternative for students who have recently graduated from University/College. Having said that, several Universities/Colleges offer job placements services in-house.

8. Ingenious or Unusual Techniques

In a competitive job market, some job seekers have gone above and beyond.

To stand out from the competition, job seekers have used several strategies, such as billboards, chain letters with a copy of their CV attached, and even sticking their resumes to themselves and walking about town as human billboards.

Would you go this far to find a job in Cyprus?

If you are looking for a job in Cyprus and/or in the tech, finance or fintech industry, feel free to visit our website or reach out to our recruitment team via email at jobs@emeraldzebra.cy

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