Cyprus Fintech, Tech, Finance & iGaming Sector Salary Surveys 2024!

We're on a mission to gather valuable salary data for the Fintech, Tech, Finance & iGaming sectors in Cyprus.

We’re on a mission to gather valuable salary data for the Fintech, Tech, Finance & iGaming sectors in Cyprus.

Contribute to Our Sector Salary Surveys and Gain a Strategic Edge

Your participation is vital in shaping a comprehensive overview of salaries within the Fintech , Tech, Finance and iGaming sectors in Cyprus. By sharing your organization’s salary data, you’re not only contributing to industry transparency but also gaining valuable insights that can inform your strategic decision-making.

Key Benefits of Participating

Gain a strategic edge in attracting, retaining, and rewarding top talent by benchmarking your organization’s compensation practices against similar organizations in the market.

Exclusive Offers

Receive one complimentary copy of the salary survey as a thank you for your participation. Additionally, enjoy a 50% discount on subsequent survey purchases, enabling you to stay updated on evolving market trends and remain competitive.

Act Now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a valuable initiative. Your input is crucial in building a robust and insightful salary survey that benefits the entire sectors.

How to Get Started

Simply express your interest by completing the contact form on our participation page.

Private & GDPR Compliant

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect salary information that you voluntarily provide to us when you register as a participant in our salary benchmarking exercise for Cyprus.

In short:
  • The data is processed exclusively within the European Union.
  • The data is deleted from our servers instantly when the extraction is done.
  • Our only usage of your data is to process it for the salary benchmarking purpose.
  • We don’t share your data with anyone.
  • No storage:
    • We delete the data instantly when the salary data parsing is done.
    • We don’t store the salary data longer than the time necessary to process it.
  • Servers in the European Union only:
    • Our cloud servers are only located in the EU (Microsoft Azure).
    • Your data never transits to a third party outside of the EU at any moment.


For any queries, please contact:

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