Case Study: Building a First-Class AI Research Team in Cyprus

Client Background:


Our client, a pioneering technology firm based in Cyprus, is at the forefront of AI research and development. Specializing in AI safety, generative AI, AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), novel AI architectures, and cutting-edge algorithms, they are poised to become the leading AI hub in Cyprus. With a strong commitment to scientific rigor and innovation, they sought to build a world-class research team to drive advancements in AI.


Recruitment Success – Sam Macaron, Senior Consultant at Emerald Zebra:


Sam Macaron, a Senior Consultant at Emerald Zebra recruitment agency in Cyprus, successfully sourced, screened, and placed four exceptional AI Researchers at PhD level with our client. Additionally, an intern and a communication strategist were introduced and hired to support the research team. This strategic recruitment effort was completed within an impressive timeframe of one month, from sourcing to onboarding.

"Sam played a crucial role in helping our client to build a first-class research team in Cyprus. Sam’s expertise and dedication ensured that we found the right talent to drive our client’s AI initiatives forward. We are confident that with this team, our client will achieve significant milestones and contribute meaningfully to the field of AI."

Role Overview:

Our client sought brilliant PhDs with strong mathematical and computer science backgrounds to join their team in Cyprus. The focus of the role includes AI safety, generative AI, AGI, novel AI architectures, and cutting-edge algorithms. Candidates were required to have ideally 3 years of post-PhD experience and demonstrate original thinking in AI research.

  • PhD (or a very solid Masters Degree) with a strong mathematical background.
  • Physics background is a plus.
  • Ideally 3 years of Post-Doc research experience.
  • Must have experience in building novel AI models.
  • Should identify as an A+ AI Pure Researcher, with a passion for AGI and a strong publishing track record.
  • Comfortable with filing patents related to AI and deep-tech innovations.

Candidates were expected to code for prototypes and algorithms, possess knowledge of state-of-the-art (SOTA) AI techniques, and be able to explore new ways to model intelligence mathematically.


Effective communication skills were essential, including the ability to express complex ideas clearly, pitch concepts persuasively, and collaborate effectively with team members.


Delighted with the resulting team, Sam explains “This successful recruitment effort not only strengthened our client’s research capabilities but also positioned them on their way to become the leading AI hub in Cyprus.”

Through strategic collaboration and meticulous candidate selection, Emerald Zebra continues to support innovative companies in building high-performing teams that drive impactful outcomes.

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