The Advantages of Hybrid Working for Hiring in Cyprus

We are now seeing a shift towards hybrid working, where employees split their time between working from home and working in the office. As a recruitment agency, we believe that offering hybrid working options is crucial for hiring in Cyprus. Here are some of the reasons why.

Meeting candidate expectations

In today’s job market, candidates expect a certain level of flexibility in their work arrangements. Offering hybrid working options is one way for businesses to meet these expectations and attract top talent. If businesses fail to offer this flexibility, they risk putting themselves at a disadvantage compared to other employers who do offer hybrid working.

Increased job satisfaction and employee retention

Hybrid working has been shown to increase job satisfaction and employee retention. When employees have the flexibility to work from home, they can better manage their work-life balance, avoid peak time commutes and make better use of their time, which leads to higher job satisfaction and higher retention levels. We also don’t like to commute in Cyprus. Whilst the commute times in Limassol and Nicosia, for example, are not considered bad in comparison to larger cities elsewhere in the world, it isn’t great either, especially in Limassol. As the employed population continues to grow in part due to the influx of new businesses establishing their presence in Cyprus, the volume of cars at peak times and the lagging infrastructure can mean sitting in traffic for way longer than necessary. Hybrid working therefore works towards reducing the impact on the infrastructure and takes the pain out of the daily commute.

Cost savings

Hybrid working can also lead to cost savings for businesses. By reducing the amount of office space needed or hot desking, businesses can save on rent and associated expenses. Additionally, employees who work from home can save on commuting costs and other expenses related to working in an office.

Improved collaboration

Contrary to popular belief, hybrid working can actually improve collaboration among employees. When employees have the opportunity to work both in the office and from home, they can collaborate in different ways and bring new perspectives to their work. Some of our clients make Monday’s and Thursday’s compulsory for working in the office.

Our view

Each time we engage with a candidate we ask for their working preference. Many are willing to reduce their salary expectations in order to achieve anything other than onsite office-based working, 5 days per week! Even with a high level of job satisfaction, many candidates are keeping their eyes out for an opportunity to move from onsite office-based to a hybrid working model. There are also those that are keen to go all the way to remote working, especially tech candidates. As an employer, you can offer many wonderful benefits… including breakfast, lunch and dinner, but ultimately in today’s job market, hybrid working is rocking Cyprus!

This leads us to our conclusion that hybrid working options are crucial for hiring in Cyprus. By meeting candidate expectations, increasing productivity and job satisfaction, saving on costs, and improving collaboration, businesses can stay competitive in today’s job market. As a recruitment agency, we urge businesses to consider offering it as a way to attract and retain top talent in Cyprus.

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