Meet Sam Macaron, Senior Recruiter at EZ

Meet Sam Macaron, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Emerald Zebra – FinTech, Tech & Finance Sector Jobs in Cyprus. Sam says that the #worklifebalance at Emerald Zebra is simply exceptional, making it a great place for Sam to bring his skills and experience to the team. We asked Sam what it’s like working at EZ.

1. What do you do at EZ?

I am a senior recruitment consultant at Emerald Zebra and as such I am involved in all aspects of the job: from sourcing, selecting, and interviewing candidates to interacting with new and existing clients.
I also give special importance to coaching and advising all stakeholders with whom I interact, and I am also keen at conveying new ideas, educating our audience, and developing knowledge through articles and posts on social networks.

2. Why did you choose to work at EZ?

As a recruitment consultant, I consider myself as a bridge between candidates and companies, and Emerald Zebra was from the very first day the best place for me to work because we place a great focus at listening to all our interlocutors.

We don’t take things for granted and we always try to answer the best way we can and improve our approach to business. I recognized myself in this work ethic from my 1st encounter with Donna Stephenson and the team at EZ.

3. Why is EZ different from any other recruitment service offering in Cyprus?

Emerald Zebra is a niche recruitment company. We are fast-moving, we can adapt to every demand, we are not dogmatic, but we are extremely pragmatic.

Emerald Zebra values initiatives, new ideas and gives room to each member of its team to express themselves in the fields where they feel the most gifted. This is highly appreciable. I would also add to that the work-life balance at Emerald Zebra is simply exceptional!

4. What are your goals for 2023?

My goals for this year are mainly to keep growing, keep learning, keep listening, keep challenging myself every day. I want to stay focused on my customers and all the people that I am in contact with.

I would also like everyone to become fully aware of how EZ is different from any other company. And mostly, I want to stay ‘thirsty’, I want to keep improving and providing the best service that I can!


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