Meet Donna Stephenson, CEO at Emerald Zebra Recruitment

What do you do at EZ?

I lead a team of recruiters focused on providing recruitment services to the fintech, tech and finance sectors in Cyprus, matching talented candidates with the right jobs and employers to help them reach their goals.

What was the motivation behind establishing EZ?

After 14 years leading a previously founded recruitment company and a lengthy share sale, I took time out for a break. I knew that when I returned to the market, I wanted to create a niche recruitment consultancy, and a new level of service. My vision was to focus on the growth areas of the economy such as the fintech, tech and finance sectors. Late 2021, I launched Emerald Zebra!

Tell us about the name Emerald Zebra?

Traveling during my career break provided me with the inspiration for the company and its name. Emerald Zebra was inspired by a safari trip to Masai Maari in Africa and my appreciation of emerald as a precious gem stone. The name embodies the strength and agility of the zebra – determination, adaptability and resilience – as well as the valuable qualities of the emerald – wisdom, growth and balance.

What makes EZ stand out?

Our people are what make us unique! We are dedicated to providing an excellent service and our team is committed to delivering a superior candidate/client journey. We also have a vast network of candidates and industry contacts, built over many years which allows us to quickly and efficiently find the right candidates for our clients.

What is it like to work at EZ?

We love what we do and work well in a supportive team. We also enable our employees to find their work-life balance (remote/hybrid)and empower our people to work the hours that best serves their balance. Since the majority of our team are working parents, it was important to create a flourishing working environment where our team can achieve a work life balance that works for them and their families. This is something that I personally didn’t achieve in the past, so it was essential that EZ would offer such flexibility to all its employees .

What are your 2023 goals?

My goals for 2023 are to continue delivering excellent services to our clients, growing our team of recruiters and expanding our reach while building a successful and sustainable recruitment agency that helps candidates and clients reach their goals. I also want to uphold our core values of work-life balance, the journey and professionalism.
Second, I want to continue providing a supportive and empowering environment for our team, encouraging them to learn from each other and expand their skills and experience. Additionally, I want to make sure that we stay up-to-date with the latest tech.

Finally, I want to support our community, offering our services to local talent and businesses as well as to a global audience. I want to ensure that we remain an ethical and reliable recruitment service provider, and build a long-lasting reputation in the industry.

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