Improve Your Professional Image with Emerald Zebra’s CV Writing and LinkedIn Profile Services

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Job application success starts with a compelling CV and an impactful LinkedIn profile. At Emerald Zebra Recruitment, we provide you with our CV writing service and LinkedIn profile writing to assist you to stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market. 

Why choose us?

✅ Our team of experienced recruitment consultants resides in Cyprus, giving us an in-depth understanding of the local job market dynamics. With years of experience in hiring for international companies, our consultants bring valuable insights and industry-specific knowledge to the table.

✅ Our CV writing services derive from our consultants who are native English speakers, guaranteeing that your CV is crafted with impeccable language proficiency, grammar, and structure. This linguistic advantage enables us to present your professional profile effectively to international employers, maximizing your chances of success.

✅ We believe in personalized and impactful CVs that showcase your unique skills, experiences, and achievements. Our goal is to ensure that your CV effectively communicates your professional potential to potential employers. Moreover, we optimize your CV for easy parsing to applicant tracking systems (ATS), enhancing your chances of getting noticed.

✅ In addition to our CV writing service, we offer assistance in optimizing your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking platform, and having a well-crafted profile increases your visibility and enhances your chances of securing opportunities.

✅ We focus on presenting your information in a polished and professional manner, making your CV visually appealing and easy to navigate. A well-structured CV helps recruiters and employers quickly assess your qualifications and suitability for the role, giving you an advantage in the competitive job market.

✅ We understand the importance of affordability. Our CV Writing Service is offered at a cost-effective price of €120 + VAT, and for the addition of a LinkedIn profile, our service charge is a total of €150 + VAT. We strive to provide high-quality services at an affordable rate, making it accessible to a wide range of job seekers. For graduates, our pricing is further competitive offering you a 1-2 page CV at €80 + VAT. 

At Emerald Zebra Recruitment, we empower job seekers in Cyprus with our comprehensive CV Writing Service. Our recruitment consultants’ expertise, native English proficiency, and years of experience in the field are all harnessed to create personalized and impactful CVs that increase your chances of securing your desired career opportunities.

Contact the team at Emerald Zebra and let’s begin working on your CV!

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