Emerald Zebra’s RPO Expertise in Cyprus

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In Cyprus, the growing need for top-tier talent is highly competitive. For businesses in their growth stage, building teams efficiently is highly demanding. Emerald Zebra, specialising in recruitment for the high-demand industries such as Fintech, Tech, Finance, and iGaming sectors, introduces an invaluable tool: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).


What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Attracting the right talent is increasingly challenging, RPO is a strategic solution. Rather than just hiring individuals, RPO focuses on partnering in the entire talent acquisition process. It’s about finding candidates who not only fit the roles but also align with your company’s strategy, culture and brand.


Why Choose Emerald Zebra for RPO?

Emerald Zebra goes beyond being an RPO provider – we become an extension of your team, a partner for talent acquisition. 

Our senior team of experts collaborates closely with you, taking into account your company’s values, develops recommendations for your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), your employer branding and online presence etc to create a tailored talent acquisition infrastructure. We manage this entirely, from recruitment strategy, implementation, attraction, management of your agency PSL, screening, interviews,  collaboration with hiring managers through to the offer and onboarding of the new employee. 


Our Approach and Industry Expertise

Our RPO method is complemented by our headhunting/search functions, providing an approach with a deep understanding of the Fintech, Tech, Finance, and iGaming sectors, attracting, screening and interviewing to ensure the right skill and cultural fit.


Building Teams for Success

Emerald Zebra can build your team, we help build start-up teams, new management teams and their functional reports as well as assisting in expanding existing teams. 

Our approach ensures that we identify and engage the best candidates, not just the most available. We own the end-to-end process, providing operational and technical excellence to scale your team.


The Candidate Journey 

Understanding the importance of the candidate experience, we dedicate resources to ensure an exceptional journey for both hiring managers and candidates.


Benefits of Emerald Zebra’s RPO Solutions

Partnering with Emerald Zebra for RPO brings clear benefits and tangible results to your business and workforce talent:


Industry Expertise: 

Our team is so effective when it comes to social marketing that we know how to ensure the effective communication of your value to prospective talent:

  • Headhunting/Search Solutions: With a proven track record in executive search, we bring credibility and trust to the recruitment process.
  • Cost Savings: Outsourcing your recruiting to us ensures efficiency without the costs associated with contingency hiring consultants or developing an in-house talent acquisition department.
  • Flexibility: Our service and commitment adapts to the evolving needs of your growing company.
  • Team-Based Approach: Our team acquisition process involves a cross-functional industry expertise, addressing the unique needs of your industry and business.


Emerald Zebra RPO 

Whether it’s a large-scale hiring campaign, rapid hiring processes, high-volume recruitment, or situations where HR and Talent Acquisition teams are time-constrained or non-existent – we’ve got you covered.

Dedicated team, proven success!

Ready to collaborate for the success of your business. We don’t just offer RPO services; we provide a strategic partnership to drive your growth! 

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