Don’t be afraid to display your salary ranges in your job adverts

Transparency benefits everyone

Transparency benefits everyone. It saves time, ensures alignment, and sets the right expectations.

For employers, it narrows down the pool of candidates to those genuinely interested and within the budget.

For job seekers, they can focus on applying to job opportunities that match their expectations.

The hiring process is a whole lot smoother, fairer, and more efficient when you’re being upfront about salaries.

🚫 I understand the concern that some employers might have about employees seeing salary ranges and potentially asking for raises. It’s a valid concern, but it also underscores the importance of a well-structured compensation strategy.

✅ Here’s how to address this concern:

  1. Communication: ensure that your employees understand the criteria for salary adjustments, such as performance reviews or market-based adjustments.
  2. Regular Salary Reviews: hold regular salary reviews, based on performance, experience, and competitive market conditions.
  3. Market Research: salary benchmark for your industry to set appropriate salary ranges. 📧 Contact us, we’ll give you a free consultation based on our market data**
  4. Flexible Salary Ranges: If you’re worried about current employees comparing their salaries to your job adverts or to new hires, be transparent, internally and communicate your flexible salary ranges to account for variations in experience and performance.

** Our Data:

  1. Employer salary ranges for every job.
  2. Candidate’s current and salary expectations for every candidate in our extensive talent pool (local to Cyprus, EU, serious relocators).
  3. Placed/hired salary data.


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