Are you reaching the ‘right’ people (those you want to interview) with your job adverts?

While you may be advertising your job postings on LinkedIn, are you truly connecting with the individuals you want to interview?


Consider this: Have you taken a moment to weigh the benefits of partnering with a reputable agency like Emerald Zebra Recruitment? While common objections “Recruitment agencies are too expensive,” “I’ll try LinkedIn first before seeking help,” or “I can handle advertising myself.” But have you ever truly compared the costs of recruiting solo versus using an agency?


Let’s start by emphasizing that using Emerald Zebra Recruitment Agency costs you nothing until we’ve found the perfect candidate who starts working for you. It’s a risk-free recruitment tool.


But if you insist on going it alone, consider this as one scenario: 


You post an ad on LinkedIn, only to be inundated with applications from all over the world. Sifting through all of these CVs has cost you time and money. Out of perhaps 5 that might be suitable, 2 of them have now secured other jobs in the time it has taken you to reach them which has left you with only 1 or 2 candidates who you are still interested in after you have spoken to them and this process has again cost you time and money. You are now at the point of deciding who you want to invite to interview but by now you have lost hours of your own valuable time that could have been spent carrying out the important tasks that you are now behind on which keep your business growing. Not only that but multiply your hourly pay by the amount of time it’s taken you to get to this point and then add on the cost of productivity you have lost in your own role, that’s a huge cost! Yet, after sifting through them, there’s no guarantee you’ll find the right fit.


Alternatively, if you entrusted your vacancy to Emerald Zebra, we’d handle everything at no cost until we’ve found ideal candidates for you to meet. We advertise across platforms, search our extensive database of prescreened people, and tap into our network of top-quality active and passive people. 


We conduct thorough interviews to ensure cultural and skills fit. We send you a handful of suitable candidates for you to meet that tick all of your boxes and during this whole process, you have been able to carry out your normal day to day. 


To reiterate, only at the point you have the right candidate who has accepted the position and started with you would you incur any costs at all and even then, I am confident you would find the cost a very fair one in comparison to the cost of recruiting yourself. Plus all the guarantees that you would expect to replace the candidate if they are terminated. 


If you’re still on the fence about leveraging agency support, why not consider combining both methods? 


If you’re still undecided, why not combine the best of both worlds? Instead of solely relying on your own efforts, consider partnering with Emerald Zebra Recruitment Agency, enabling us to source candidates alongside you. And because we’re a knowledgable and experienced team, it’s an effective  partnership with no added risk or cost to you. While you continue your search independently, having us onboard ensures there’s no delay in the process. Plus, it broadens your candidate pool without any additional expenses. It’s a win-win situation that maximizes your chances of finding the righg fit for your team.


Maximising your reach and minimizing any duplication in candidate sourcing. 


While we strive to avoid duplicating candidates, we understand that it can happen occasionally. However, if you’ve already received a candidate’s application through your own efforts, there’s no problem. We respect your prior engagement with them.



In conclusion, maximizing your reach and connecting with the right candidates is essential for successful recruitment. By considering the benefits of partnering with Emerald Zebra Recruitment Agency and combining both independent and agency-driven approaches, you can ensure your job adverts effectively resonate with the individuals you want to interview. The result: speedy and efficient new hires. 


To discuss engaging Emerald Zebra for your hiring needs, please contact Donna Stephenson, CEO 


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