A stranger bought me a coffee…

Ok, what does this have to do with recruitment I hear you ask?

So here is the highlight of the story, I was in a meeting at a concept store and using the meeting table that happens to be placed next to some gifts. At some point, a gentleman started placing a few options on the table and looking them over, a little overwhelmed. 

After a few moments, I realized that he was struggling to choose. Since no one from the store noticed or came over to assist, without a thought (me being me) I commented with
 “an interesting diverse selection of options you have there, I’m intrigued” from this a channel of communication immediately opened and I heard more about the recipient and why he thought each would be suitable, by actively listening and then commenting on each based on the information he provided (validating)he soon made a choice and was so happy with his choice. 

He thanked me and I expressed it was a pleasure (it really was, I love people and helping them and also the buzz you get when you realize that they are truly happy) 
As he walked on to pay he looked back and said “for your help, the next coffee is on me” true to his word a few minutes after he left the waitress bought over two more coffees.

The moral of the story? Well … there are a few, Kindness is free, establishing a relationship with open, good and strong communication changes everything and creates trust, whilst truly listening helps understand needs and wants in half the time. 

Applying the above when assisting clients in sourcing outstanding talent levels up the recruitment process and along with our true passion allows us to provide what we consider a personalized service where our clients and individuals progressing in their careers feel heard and supported, as well as saving time for all involved. 

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