4 Trends for your Recruitment Strategy in 2023

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Are you considering hiring in 2023? If yes, here are 4 Trends to keep in mind for next year.

1.    Hybrid seems to be the new agreement:

The oscillatory negotiation between return-to-office and full remote work may have settled on a new trend: hybrid. Is this a new halfway measure or is it the way forward? Only time will tell.

2.    Jobseekers have the upper hand:

The rise of compensation, benefits and opportunities as top value props shows that jobseekers have leverage in what they can get out of a job beyond simply “getting” the job. So, keep an open and self-critical mind, and see how you can add value to a job.

3.    Nothing is ‘normal’ anymore:

Most businesses are moving on to the “next normal” in terms of working environments and business processes – and there’s no going back to the way things were and you should embrace these changes.

4.    Long-term remote considerations:

The long-term challenges of remote work are surfacing in the form of choosing the most appropriate technology solutions for your projects, coordinating issues, and lingering anxieties both for businesses and their workers. Therefore, you should pay special attention to that and try to anticipate the needs.

At Emerald Zebra, we are always here to help you, not only in selecting the best candidates but also in identifying new trends and ideas that will shape the job market over the years to come. 

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