Why I rarely wish my candidates “Good Luck” before an interview.

Interviews require a certain mindset and whether we like it or not, they can determine most often the next move in your career. If I have had the pleasure of assisting you in your career goals, you may have noticed that I didn’t say “good luck” to you when we confirmed your interview details with our job candidates and client, instead, I say, “Enjoy your interview!”


Aside from being very particular about whom I shortlist and thus candidates that are selected for an interview are very close if not exactly what the client is looking for, I also feel that it is so important to see an interview as a 2- way situation.

It’s an opportunity to shine and to find out if the company and the role is what you want too!

I prefer to offer words of encouragement and express my confidence in your skills and qualifications. Reminding you that you have what it takes to excel in the interview and to showcase your potential.

Daily I am asked for tips on how to rock an interview and most often I reply with
“Show them what you’ve got, what you’ve achieved and why they need you!”


Be honest and proud of everything you are and that you have gained experience in and what you haven’t done yet, showcase your potential to commit and learn. Focus on the positives!

However, vulnerability is not a bad thing in an interview. In-fact being authentic and remembering we are all human is more relatable than the perfect candidate!

Do your homework! Ask questions that you really want to know about the company and the role.

Last but not least, keep it real … tell your interviewer a story if there is an opportunity too. Not too long but short enough to demonstrate how and why you work like you do and how that can add value to your next employer.

So, enjoy your interview, mindset is ALMOST everything!

Terri Neofitou is the Country Director at Emerald Zebra and oversees the business operations alongside the founder. Terri is a specialist in hiring for middle, executive and senior level appointments, handling end-to-end headhunting projects across the tech, fintech and finance sectors in Cyprus.

Terri often describes herself as multi-hyphenate, with her academic background being in both Psychology and Business and her MSc in Clinical Psychology specialising as an Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA), Terri’s career path has included ABA therapy, Senior Recruitment Consultant and Head of Marketing and PR in an International organisation. As Country Director, Terri brings a wealth of experience to the Emerald Zebra team.

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