Full-Stack Software Engineer

Do you want to join a pioneering Fintech group at the vanguard of revolutionizing payment practices?
Are you the Full-Stack Developer everybody wants to have in their team?

Our client is as a trailblazer in developing cutting-edge solutions and products that empower both individuals and enterprises, fostering seamless digital financial journeys.

As a Full-Stack Developer you will join the Development Team.


A minimum of 2 years experience with the following:

  • Node.js:
    • Proficiency in Node.js for backend development.
    • Experience with frameworks like Express.js for building RESTful APIs.
    • Knowledge of asynchronous programming and event-driven architecture in Node.js.
  • VueJs:
    • Strong understanding of Vue.js framework for frontend development.
    • Ability to create reusable components and manage state using Vuex.
    • Familiarity with Vue Router for client-side routing.
  • Docker:
    • Proficiency in containerization using Docker.
    • Experience with Docker Compose for multi-container Docker applications.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services):
    • Understanding of AWS services like EC2, S3, SES.
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment):
    • Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines for automating build, test, and deployment processes.
    • Experience with tools like Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, or AWS CodePipeline.
  • Version Control:
    • Proficiency with Git for version control.
    • Experience with Git workflows.
    • Ability to collaborate effectively with other developers using Git.
  • Security Best Practices:
    • Understanding of web application security principles and common vulnerabilities.
    • Knowledge of techniques to secure APIs, including authentication and authorization mechanisms.
    • Familiarity with SSL/TLS, HTTPS, and encryption standards.‍


  • Highly competitive salary package, up to 4000 Eur gross monthly
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Brand-new, spacious office located in Paphos, Cyprus
  • Access to an on-site gym for your fitness needs
  • Youthful and dynamic work environment
  • Team-building activities and cheerful happy hours
  • Continuous growth and career development

Please send your CV now to: sam.macaron@emeraldzebra.cy

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