How Emerald Zebra Finds the Right Candidates

How Emerald Zebra Finds the Right Candidates

Feeling overwhelmed by endless candidate applications and AI-generated resumes? Struggling with LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply”? Missing the simpler days of newspaper ads? Emerald Zebra in #Cyprus offers a human-centric approach to help you hire the right candidates while enhancing your employer brand.

Executive Appointments in Cyprus: Partner With Emerald Zebra

Executive Appointments in Cyprus

In addition to our recruitment services, Emerald Zebra offers executive and headhunting services for C-Level and Board-positions. Situated in Limassol, Cyprus, our core proficiency centres on catering to organisations in the Fintech, Financial Services, Tech, and iGaming sectors.

A little about Emerald Zebra Recruitment Agency

Connecting talent across four high-growth, high-demand sectors of the Cyprus economy #EmeraldZebra: 1️⃣ Fintech (brokers, digital banks, EMI’s, payment platforms, blockchain & cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, regtech, and prop trading), 2️⃣ Tech 3️⃣ Finance4️⃣ iGaming 👉 Individuals: Find your ideal role in fintech, tech, finance, and iGaming sectors (on-site, hybrid & remote).👉 Businesses: Partner with us to […]