Engineering Team Lead (Ruby on Rails)

Our client stands at the forefront of the industry, offering revolutionary ML/AI and NLP solutions to major global corporations. Distinguished as a pioneer, they present an exclusive Motivation AI platform, generating tailor-made communications on a large scale. This platform inspires individuals to participate and make a difference. Esteemed brands like Ally Bank, Dropbox, JPMorgan Chase, Marks & Spencer, and Verizon rely on our client’s expertise for crafting ultra-personalized interactions. With their generative AI trained on over 100 billion digital business language instances spanning diverse sectors, marketers harness the power to propel customer engagement and drive substantial business gains.

Technologies they use:

Operating on the cutting edge, they harness the latest advancements in engineering, data engineering, NLP, and data science. Positioned as a significant player in the big data SaaS domain, they offer opportunities to leverage contemporary cloud-based technologies. Their technological repertoire encompasses an array of tools including React, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Java, Kubernetes, Kafka, and a mix of SQL and nonSQL databases such as PostGres, MongoDB, Snowflake, and DocumentDB. This tech landscape is complemented by a modern SDLC infrastructure and robust CI/CD environments.

The role:

They are looking for an experienced Engineering Team Lead to join and lead their Team remotely.


  • Manage an Agile/Scrum team of up to 8 developers
  • Handle all aspects of the product(s) you own – planning, development, deployment and maintenance
  • Collaborate with Product and QA to make sure releases go on time with the highest quality in mind
  • Take responsibility for the code your team deploys to production
  • Accountable for Leadership / Management / Planning
  • Positively impact your team and motivate them to achieve their goals
  • Give your team the autonomy to choose their work and do their work
  • Delegate the right tasks to the right people when needed
  • Identify the most high-value tasks and keep your team focused on them
  • Regular and effective 1:1 meetings with your team
  • Make sure mentors have regular 1:1 with their mentees
  • Regularly communicate accurate status of the product or projects you own to all stakeholders
  • Contribute ideas and suggestions to the product managers constructively


  • 5+ years of software engineering experience
  • 2+ years in a lead or management role
  • Experience in Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with PostgreSQL or other relational DBs
  • Experience with one or more front-end frameworks like React/Redux and AngularJS
  • Experience with test suites like RSpec or Minitest
  • Experience with relational data modeling
  • College degree in Computer Science is a plus but certainly not a must

While working with them enjoy these perks:

  • Hybrid working model empowers both remote and in-office work equitably
  • Generous benefits packages globally
  • Encourage professional growth through their dedicated enablement and training teams, as well as on demand tools and resources
  • Employee Enrichment Fund to pursue a passion or upgrade your home office
  • Structured onboarding program to ensure a confident start and long-term success for new hires
  • Strong emphasis on career development and mobility, continuous feedback loops and performance management
  • Flexible time off to support work-life harmony (including Summer Fridays)
  • Recognition, Rewards and Ideas to Action programs to recognize the contributions and impact of their people across the globe

For more information or to apply for the above job opportunity, please send your CV via email to Marie Pavlou:

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